To the Victor Go the Spoils 10/5/05

to the victor go the spoils
you can tell a lot about a person by what he fears most, isn’t that right george orwell!!
ask someone what they fear more, things or ideas
if it’s things, they are most likely progressives or moderates with progressive values
if it’s ideas they are likely to adhere to mostly conservative values
nothing wrong with either, intrinsically
the sanskrit name for tool and weapon is the same
it’s what we DO with our values that matters
we most clearly express our values, at a base level, in how we protect our children
if we fear ideas we tend to try to protect our children from ideas
we try to get books banned at the school library
if we fear things we are more likely to remind them to wear their helmet
we know ideas will make them strong
if one must fixate on something let him fixate on the heart chakra
balance can only be achieved there
fix on the throat chakra and you will depend on what you say, to make things real
the heart chakra feels your gut and primal needs
it speaks, hears and ascends
attach to your fortitude and you will try to prove things are real
you will be called to reveal yourself
they will hit you in the gut
it sucks your energy
this is how we are defeated
its vampyristic
use your fortitude to support your voice, not be it
what used to be is never what is
don’t look to have things back, like yesterday
look to have them like tomorrow
the future can only come from what is
now is a good time to start

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