About (or as they say in Canada, “abouoot”)

This isn’t the sort of blog where I spout off daily about the flavour of the week and how much more I know about it than anyone else. Nor is it the kind of blog where I attempt to get exclusive scoops about every controversial and thrilling global occurrence, so I can become famous on the cybernet. I don’t post cute pictures of kittens and I rarely put up graphics of profound quotes with sunsets or bright colors in the background. I don’t take pictures of food and I don’t expect you to read bad poetry. I assure you my poetry, were I to write any, would be bad.

I know that sounds pompous, sophomoric, and self important. Cynical. Haughty even. I like to think that’s not who I really am. But I admit it certainly is at times. TBH even friends have said I am all of those things.

In reality, these are my musings, ramblings, and hunches about things I find important. I am confident in my worldview and intuitive perceptions about life, the universe, and everything. (RIP Douglas Adams.) I do realize this blind confidence demarkates a fine line, walked dangerously, between assholery and sagacity. Many’s the time I have cut my feet walking that razorblade.

Truth is, I love the sound of my own prose and have never met a sentence I couldn’t complicate. Excess verbosity thy name is Servant.

Although it appears as though I do, I have never claimed to know everything. However, it might be possible to gain insight from reading my turgid prose. I haven’t the vaguest idea what those revelations may be but others tell me I have influenced how they read the tea leaves of life, and I have no reason to doubt them.

The blog is somewhat stealthy, appearing and disappearing seemingly with no rhyme or reason. I don’t feel I have to post something every single day, especially if I have nothing worth saying at the time, which occurs with regularity. The combination of this vacancy of imagination factor and others I shouldn’t mention, like my overall laziness, have made the blog relatively invisible.

This doesn’t upset me much, but I am egoistic enough to think that more people would benefit from it if it were more widely known and read. Perhaps I need to pay somebody to promote it. Nah. I will, though, give it a bit of a nudge.

If you came here to find out more about me, which I admit the “about” link implies, I’m sorry but I don’t think that is relevant. Suffice it to say Will Servant is an American Male, White, Hetero, Cis, Protestant, College Degreed, Middle Class, Disordered, and Old. Too old.

All in all an awful demographic.

I am an excellent driver for my age. That should count for something.

Enjoy the time you spend here. There will be a short quiz.

One comment on “About (or as they say in Canada, “abouoot”)

  1. NanLT says:

    It was once said about J R R Tolkien – He never believed in using a single word when 10 would suffice. 🙂

    And I rather like your new blog title.


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