About (or as they say in Canada, “a boot”)

This isn’t the sort of blog where I spout off daily about the flavor of the week and how much more I know about it than anyone else. Nor is it the kind of blog where I attempt to get exclusive scoops about every controversial and thrilling universal occurrence, so I can become famous on the cybernet. I don’t post cute pictures of kittens and I rarely put up graphics of profound quotes with sunsets in the background. Now I know this sounds pretty cynical, pompous, self important, and holier than thou. I like to think that’s not who I am, although I will admit it certainly is at times.

Really this is pretty much just my musings, ramblings, and hunches about things I find important. I have always been pretty confident in my worldview and intuitive perceptions about life, the universe, and everything. (RIP Douglas Adams) I do realize that this creates a fine line, walked dangerously, between assholery and sagacity. It is true that I love the sound of my own prose and have never met a sentence I couldn’t complicate. Although it often appears as though I do, I have never claimed to know everything. However, I humbly offer that it might be possible to gain something from reading my stuff. I haven’t the vaguest idea what that something might be but others tell me I have influenced how they read the tea leaves of life, and I have no reason to doubt them.

The blog is somewhat stealthy, appearing and disappearing seemingly with no rhyme or reason. This is because I don’t feel I have to post something every single day, especially if I have nothing worth saying at the time. The combination of this factor and others I shouldn’t mention, like my overall laziness, have made the blog relatively invisible. This doesn’t upset me much but I am egotistic enough to think that more people could benefit from it if it were more widely known and read. Perhaps I need to pay somebody to promote it. Nah.

Now if you came here to find out more about me, which I admit the “about” link sort of implies, sorry but I just don’t think that is relevant. Suffice it to say I am Male, White, and Old. What a horrible demographic.

Hope you enjoy the time you spend here.

One comment on “About (or as they say in Canada, “a boot”)

  1. NanLT says:

    It was once said about J R R Tolkien – He never believed in using a single word when 10 would suffice. 🙂

    And I rather like your new blog title.


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