A Few Things

I am not a baby killer. Regardless of whether a foetus is or is not a person I do not think abortion is a good option in most circumstances. However, I do not feel I have the right or duty or ability to judge a person for the actions they take regarding their own body. I cannot advocate for their spiritual condemnation. That judgement is God’s and God’s alone. I also believe that legislating morality is dangerous, even more so when it involves the individual decision of one person regarding their personal decisions

Those who favor banning the teaching of any type of reality, even if only relative to a subset of humans, is a fascist. Banning such teaching is tacit denial of that reality. Denying the existence of any human demographic as human is an offense against God and the American understanding of all people being created equal. This is eugenics and reviled by civilized peoples. These individual’s and group’s desire to withhold truth from their children results from fear that their children might learn something counter to their own values. They are terrified their children do not have the common sense to realize that knowing about something bad will not make them bad. In essence they are discriminating against their own progeny. They do not trust their children to be clear thinking individuals. They have no faith in human love or compassion. This is perhaps because they have difficulty with loving and empathizing themselves.

Yes, by themselves guns do not and cannot kill people. This is not a bonafide defense of people with guns. People with guns can and do kill people. None other than that famous woke Supreme Court Justice Samual Alito, in his decision for the Heller vs. Washington D.C. ruling, stated that even the second amendment is subject to regulation in the instance of the infringement of one person’s rights by another person who uses a gun. Freedom does not mean everyone has the liberty to do whatever they want. Violating the liberty of another who exercises their liberty to use their freedoms is ostensibly a crime.

At the leadership level Republicans and Democrats are less different than they and the media would have you believe. Both parties are heavily influenced by corporate interests. Republicans answer to more malevolent corporations who are completely interested in profit. They continue to follow supply side economic principles and have little interest in the real welfare of the people, contrary to their floral rhetoric. Democrats answer to more benevolent corporations who use a modified Keynesian economic approach to rein in the party faithful. They feel that appealing to the needs and desires of the average American will bring greater profits in the long term through establishing a loyal customer base. The Republican party panders to its base through hardline racial and white supremacist dog whistles, which are more audible now than in the past. The Democrats appeal to their base with progressive rhetoric which only rarely becomes people oriented legislation. Both sides accuse the other of transgressions they themselves are prone to. Both use the shiny ball syndrome system to keep the populace distracted from the real issues of the time by trumpeting less than critical culture war issues, such as which bathroom trans people can use, in both mainstream and social media. Republicans continue to attack many specific niche demographics to keep people at each others throats. As an ever shrinking coalition they feel this is the only way to keep an ever growing liberal voting bloc from organizing into a dominant electoral force. Democrats appeal to the native decency of people they feel have been brainwashed by incessant right wing propaganda. They feel this is the only way to convince them to stop voting against their best interests. The Republican message has backfired somewhat to the extent that flight to the suburbs is no longer strictly conservative and inner ring suburbs continue to become more blue. These folks have become disillusioned by what they consider to be ridiculous culture battles and the continued erosion of government services under local Republican rule. Democrats keep bleeding votes from certain previously loyal voting blocs such as Blacks and Hispanics, picked off by right wing persuasion that Democrats only pander to them at voting time and do nothing to truly help their communities. Voting trends in America work like a perpetual sine wave supported by a corporate media that nudges the public from right to left and back again to give the illusion that voting is meaningful to the individual.

To expound on something I touched on earlier many Americans confuse Freedom and Liberty and conflate them to mean the same thing. This is not true. Freedoms are granted by governments through constitutional edicts and laws. They apply to everyone equally and are limited for everyone equally. Everyone has freedom of speech and no one can yell fire in a crowed theater to use to common example. Liberty, on the other hand, is individual. Each person is at liberty to use and express their freedoms how and when they wish. Liberty is granted to each individual simply because they exist. The issue with individual liberty is that by nature there exist conflicts of interest when two people’s liberties clash. Conflicts of liberty are the underlying basis for civil and criminal law. For example the second amendment gives every American that meets legal limitations the right to bear a firearm. The first amendment gives everyone the right to speak freely unless that speech could constitute a threat to everyone else. But the person with the gun is not at liberty to shoot the speaker just because they don’t like what they are saying. Society determines how conflicts of liberty are to be judged by democratically electing representatives who debate and make laws pertaining to such conflicts. In essence, freedom does not allow anyone to do whatever they want when and wherever they want. And liberty is only an inalienable right when it does not interfere with another’s liberty. These words are tossed about much too cavalierly. Once again, inadequate civics education rears its ugly head.

There will be more tidbits of opinion coming soon.

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