Across the Sea of Ignorant Lies: A Framing Fantasy—–Part One 2/23/06

Once upon a time a smart man, who lived on a beautiful island which was part of a powerful kingdom, discovered a great truth. He knew that the truth would make everyone’s life better, throughout the kingdom. He told all his friends the truth but their lives did not improve, because the king’s men would not let them use the truth. The smart man thought that if the people across the sea also knew the truth then the entire kingdom would rise up as one and demand that the king let them use the truth. If he didn’t they would be strong enough to throw him off the throne and find a new king who would.

The smart man had a problem. How do I get the truth to the people across the sea? I can’t swim and I can’t even see across the sea, much less throw the truth to the other side. I would travel across the sea myself but the people here need me to be a smart man. I can’t leave them alone. Besides, lately, king’s men, masquerading as priests, have appeared on the island, saying that the truth is false and that I am silly and not smart at all.

The smart man went to his friend, the crafty man, and told him of his dilemma. The crafty man built him a sturdy boat of aluminum. They wrote the truth on a scroll and gave it to another friend, who was a talented seaman. He cast off toward the mainland in the sturdy aluminum boat with the scroll. The smart man knew that as soon as the truth got to the other side the people would force the king to let them use it to help themselves and the kingdom would prosper. The boat never reached the other side.

to be continued…..

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