Post Toasties 7/14/05

In the beginning was the Blog and the Blog was good. Will Servant has been alive in my mind since I was a rocker in platforms and tops that melted if you got too close to the flash pots. He is not so much an alter ego but an ego altered. He is not afraid to admit that he is smart. He does not apologize. Deus/Devi has finally given him permission to be himself. Radical concept that. It is a great world that allows a man to create his own cathartic therapy. Will has been waiting, patiently, for a long time to have his say. Since way back when making music with computers was just a dream. Since cars only came in black. (Not true.) He has written lots of scintillating tomes on the use of the word scintillating in a sentence. He stands head and shoulders above the ground. His craft has been honed to a dull pain. This Blog will be an exercise of an experiment of an extension of my universe, a humble effort at accord of thought, word and, deed. People I trust say its a miracle I have yet to Blog. It so perfectly serves my mania of imagining I speak in absolute truths. Be careful lest ye allow my words credence. The path back is dark and unrealized. Things will undoubtedly begin to make sense soon, one would hope.

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