Apparencies 3/19/08

I’m not sure if I am appalled or amused, but I certainly took notice of the abrupt introduction of the “fait accompli” guilt by association attack on Barack Obama, which was carefully crafted by Fox Infotainment. As it appears to me, Eliot Spitzer did us all a service by falling on his sword (or was that someone else falling on his sword) so dramatically. In order to get the attacks on the “Ultra Liberal Democrats” back onto the front burner they decided to trot out one of their trump cards. My guess is that if the ex-governor had not screwed up so ignominiously the Fox brain trust would have been able to hold off until later in the game with their footage of Pastor Wright and subsequent lobbing of heavy artillery.

I mean, really, Spitzer had bought us a good 48 hours of respite from the incessant over-analysis of the presidential race, and Fox would have none of it. In their blood lust for opportunities to make Democrats look ridiculous I believe the media manipulators at Fox mistimed their assault on Obama. By tax day it will be a non issue. The media can only support a major issue for several weeks at best. This would have been much more effective released in October. Perhaps Fox got wind that someone else was going public with this stuff and would not have their own poison parade rained upon. In reality we should be thankful, because the scenario has provided America with a real teachable moment, something the Obama campaign seized upon by cleverly, dramatically, and inspirationally crafting his “A More Perfect Union” speech.

Could this speech be the proverbial sliver lining in the cloud of caustic and acerbic bile that is major media coverage of our impending presidential election? Could Hannity and the like be hoist on their own rapier sharp petards? As I have stated, it is difficult in today’s world to manifest truth for more than several weeks. Untruths tend to last a little longer. Obama’s words are worthy of the ages. If the moving, meaningful words of this great orator become yet another sound bite, a mere bookend for bracketology, then I suppose we will deserve the missed opportunity that diminishment will represent. Unfortunately my sense is that this speech will become another in a long series of unfulfilled insights offered freely to America by the more visionary of her sons and daughters. As much as those words pain me I hope to God they someday will no longer be true. Obama may not be the person to become our next president but he has much to teach us.

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