Changing Horses In Midstream 3/18/08

Up to this point I have used this blog to post my longer, more philosophic, essay-like ramblings. It was my own little universe and I did not feel the need to post daily diatribes on the state of the universe, trying to one up other bloggers on some scoop of political dirt. I had posting permission on another multi-author blog that I used to interject more pithy, succinct commentary on the day to day world of politics into the blogosphere when I felt the desire to do so, and that worked just fine for me.

Recently the owner of that blog removed it from publication. I wasn’t even warned in advance lest I had wanted to save some of my more self important posts to drool over, internally patting myself on the back late at night after checking all my sports chat lines and still not feeling tired. Needless to say I was almost aghast. I say almost because I believe I understand why the blog was pulled. That still doesn’t make me feel any less upset over losing some good material. Oh well, life is an omelet, not sunny side up.

The sum total of all of this is that the tone and nature of this, my lovely blog, pretty blog, angel baby blog will change somewhat as I incorporate the timely with the timeless and seek to produce work that is either reflective and deep, or au courant and sexy, depending on my state of mind, chemical imbalance and/or frustration with whatever part of the existence by which I am currently flustered.

This means that not only will I wax poetic, posting marvelous musings no one ever reads, but I will also reveal which candidates turn my crank and which particular issues of momentary import have my dander up. I hope you, blessed reader, gains from this change in direction, this course correction. I trust that it will, at the very least, mean more frequent posting, which will be a boon for all of us, don’t you think?

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