Bitter Struggle ??? 3/25/08

The powers that be in the media would have you believe that a protracted “struggle” for the Democratic nomination between the two remaining candidates will bitterly divide the Democratic party and destroy their chances of winning in November. It is my estimation that this is simply a fabrication dreamed up by media heads to keep their coverage of the “monumental struggle” in the forefront of the news.

To be frank, I feel that a continued, contested race for the Democratic nomination only serves to help the Dems, through the effect of keeping the race on the front burner of American media expression. It is Senator McCain who is and will continue to struggle to get face time on the news as long as there is a contested race for Democrats. In this sense the race will have the exact opposite effect that the pundits proclaim. The mistake they make is in underestimating the very lack of long term memory that they have fomented in the public themselves, in order to continue to sell sensationalized infotainment instead of focusing on hard news. They are saying (and trying to get us to believe) that a protracted Democratic race will divide the party irreparably, opening the door for a McCain victory. They do this because motion toward a victory for one candidate or another serves their needs. It will make McCain relevant again. A continued race only dilutes the kind of coverage they can offer. After all, you can only spin the same stuff so far before America realizes it is bored. The race itself, however, will offer real intrigue and not the fake kind dreamed up by media types desperate for ratings

People have such a short attention span that they will soon forget any animosity between Senators Clinton and Obama. Once a candidate is chosen Democrats will unite once again against the common issues of continued waging of an Iraq war that grows more unpopular daily, plus the disastrous effects of stone age Republican economic policy. The “bitter struggle” will be forgotten in two weeks. In the meantime Senator McCain will barely be able to get arrested on TV until after the Democrat’s convention.

A brokered convention could be the best things American Democrats have ever experienced. It will create a sense of drama that cannot be bought at any price and will thrust the eventual Democratic winner into a limelight they will not relinquish. America has not had a brokered convention for decades. Most Americans have never experienced the thrill of ballot after ballot, bottoms planted firmly on the edge of their seats. It is almost as dramatic as the NCAA basketball “March Madness”. We deserve an opportunity to see American democracy at it’s contentious best, factions fighting desperately for victory. The Democratic Party can give us this thrill, and as a nation of thrill seekers reacts the Republicans may not be able to match it, no matter how Machiavellian they are able to act.

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