I Ain’t Gonna Change

BTW. For my six regular readers, I am taking a blogging class, generously offered gratis by WordPress, basically to learn how to write a sentence less than 50 words long. Wish me luck. You will be seeing me write my assignments over the next weeks. If they grade on a curve I’m screwed. Wish me more luck.

Regarding yesterday’s assignment (Yes, I’m already falling behind on only the third day) I have already changed my blog’s title and tagline several times and have settled on these after considerable soul searching. It is important to get both a title and tagline that reflects who you are and clearly reveals the blog’s essence. I feel my title and tagline combined do that rather well in that sardonic, dyslexic cynic’s style, of which I am so enamored.

One comment on “I Ain’t Gonna Change

  1. atiredheart says:

    Make that seven regular readers; your quick wit brightened my moment and I’m adding you to my Much-Lusted-After “Reader” List. Bottoms up!


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