Doing What I’ve been Told

I have been writing this blog for several years. It’s mostly ramblings about things I find important. Those topics include, but are not limited to, politics, social justice, philosophy, music, general creative endeavor, politics, things that make me angry, things that don’t make me quite so angry, politics and politics.

I’m a member of that dreaded demographic: an old, college educated, middle class, white, cisgender, heterosexual male. Is there an identity factor I missed?  Terribly sorry if I did. I am aware of my white privilege, male privilege, class privilege etc. I still have a lot of work to do in those areas but TBH I don’t think I’m as old and in the way as many of my peers. That said I’m much too verbal and quite full of myself.

I’m a horrible typist, which means I have to do at least four sometimes five or six edits to get my posts even close to being ready to publish. This takes a lot of time, of which I don’t have as much as I had hoped in this phase of my life.

My goal as a blogger is to be clever and get people to like me and become an internet sensation. Fat chance. My goals for improvement include learning how to be more succinct and precise, how to better promote my blog to the masses (Believe it or not I actually think I have something worthwhile to say) and how to avoid sounding arrogant while still getting my point across. I also need to learn techniques to become a more consistent publisher from day to day.

So hello!

And yes, this is how I always write.

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