Frustration Thy Name is Legion

I’m confused.

Did President Obama have our diplomats in Benghazi murdered to keep us from finding out about the IRS targeting conservatives or did he have the CIA create Hurricane Sandy so we would forget about Benghazi or did he have those kids in Connecticut killed so we would stop blaming him for the hurricane or did he hire those Russian kids to bomb the marathon to make us forget about gun control or did he bribe Snowden to leak NSA spying info so we wouldn’t remember how we killed the Russian kids to cover up that they were Obama’s patsies or did he pay off the jury to acquit George Zimmerman to make us forget how he spied on everyone or did he purposefully screw up the Obamacare website to make us forget Benghazi, again, or did he sign a ton of executives orders like a tyrant to make us forget how awful Obamacare is, again, or did he hire kids from Central America to invade the USA to make us forget Benghazi AND how awful Obamacare is or did he give ISIS the weapons to form their caliphate to make us forget whatever it is we’re not supposed to remember or did he really pay Hamas to fire rockets at Israel, knowing they would in turn eventually invade Gaza and help us forget that he is a treasonous dictator or did he just have the Air Force shoot down the commercial airliner over Ukraine to make Putin look bad and make everybody forget all the horrible stuff he has ever done in his entire life to fulfill his lifelong goal of hatefully killing America, including never deporting anyone and not finding that airplane in the middle of the Indian Ocean?

Wow, I just know Lenin and Hitler and Saul Alinsky and Charles Manson and Bill Ayers and Satan, (who is probably Bill Ayers anyway) are having a beer together in hell and praising their demonic Kenyan love child for destroying America forever. Except for that Charles Manson and Bill Ayers aren’t dead yet I’m sure all of that is true because Mark Levin appeared to me in a dream and told me so.

Actually the reality is much more insidious. Our President is working in league with former Vice President Dick Cheney. Strange but true. His foreign policy is leading us to pine for the return of the Neo-cons and their Plan for a New American Century. That little trick of calling him the worst president in his lifetime (which means the worst President in history) shouldn’t fool anyone.

Yes folks, what we need is a cleansing dose of military backed world dominance. Just throw a little more money at the Pentagon and we can once again enforce that elusive concept known as American national security interests, with massive destructive power, at will. Of course we all know how @70 years of that has worked out. I mean we haven’t had any Brave American soldiers killed or maimed for nearly a week now. Maybe.

Perhaps the current concurrent crises in the Ukraine/Russia and Israel/Palestine will delay us initiating the Crusades 2.0 we have been so joyously hurling ourselves toward. That would be a consolation prize of dubious but little value. Perhaps some high roller somewhere took a ton of money on Brazil and bought off Colombia to injure Neymar and then bought off the home side, Black Sox style, to blow the match with Germany. Of course that cheat will be using his new found riches to back that cute corporation who sat behind him in biology, way back in middle school, in her quest to become the first corporation to be elected to congress (at least officially).

So excuse me, as I’m off to find some closely held religious beliefs I can use to enable me to break laws I find inconvenient, while letting sinners do whatever they please, providing they buy what I’m selling and they aren’t women who work for me.

Not only am I confused but my reasons for being frustrated are legion.

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