Here Comes the Flood

Partially this is a test post to see where in hell (otherwise known as the internet) I am sending this when I post it. If you want to catch fish it’s always good to know where you are casting your line. It is also a few words about the state of myself and thus the blog.

As can be easily seen in the archive it has been nearly nine months since I posted here. That’s about par for the course for me, as I occupy myself daily with all sorts of activities, some of which are meaningful and productive and others, completely worthless, the folly of the procrastinator. But recently I have come to understand that the ridiculously long comments I make on Facebook posts and elsewhere don’t serve my interests. They don’t serve anyone’s interests. If I want to make ridiculously long posts I should make them here where it is appropriate. Therefore you can expect to see more frequent posts on this blog-on-life-support. So be forewarned.

You see, I do have things to say and I might as well say them. And not with the frequency of a partial eclipse. I’m not getting any younger and my thoughts and feelings certainly aren’t doing anyone any good locked away in my synapses. But I need to be wholly responsible for them. Here I’m not responding to someone else’s imagination. Here I can originate.

I’ve reached a place in my life where I no longer feel the need to be either ashamed of or egoistic about expressing myself. I’m not sure if I have been ashamed of being egoistic or egoistic about being ashamed. Regardless, this is just somebody speculating about whatever while using the modern amplification and distribution of the internet and social media. Everybody else and their dog has a blog. The difference is they use theirs and I hide mine.

Those days are through.

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