Disingenuous Distractions

For some reason, after their 2010 victory, rather than working on our nation’s pressing economic issues Republicans got the notion that they had a mandate to effectuate their social agenda. One result of this effort, in my state, has been the introduction of a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. This is being undertaken even though our state already has a DOMA law that make gay marriage illegal.

One might ask why they would do this when homosexuals cannot legally marry. Isn’t that a bit of overkill. And isn’t it just a little distracting and time consuming when the state has a budget shortfall of billions.

These legislators claim that “activist judges” could overturn the law at any time and that this discrimination needs to be codified in the constitution to protect the “definition” of marriage. As with most attempts to legislate morality I believe that this one has been forwarded to simply to assure a large social conservative turnout at the polls in 2012. The Republican base is smaller than the Democrat’s and they are always looking for ways to increase Republican turnout.

In keeping with their desire to increase their chances of victory in 2012 they have also tried to pass legislation requiring photo IDs to vote. (As of April 2012, a voter ID amendment has now also been put on the November ballot) This is simply, to my mind, another attempt to improve Republican chances of electoral advantage by suppressing the right to vote for those who traditionally do not have access or need for photo IDs, many of whom are assumed to vote for Democrats.

It would appear that Republicans are more interested in gaining and retaining power than in serving the needs of the people. I have always found it odd that those whose despise government are so obsessed with being that government.

Go figure.

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