Toward a Productive and Livable Future Easter, 2007 4/7/07

Think of some things you know are important to have under any circumstances, like shoes, cloth, or herbs.

Think of how they are made or grown.

Think of making or growing them without using electricity, sophisticated mechanical devices that need lots of energy or chemical additives that do not readily exist in nature.

From these important things or plants choose several that are special to you and learn how to grow or make them.

Learn how to do something everyone else has forgotten how to do.

Learn to sew, how to tan leather or build barrels.

Learn a physically challenging trade that has a clear and indelible value, like a carpenter, mason or farrier.

Have skills you can barter, even if some people think they are silly and worthless, like songwriting or poetry.

Learn how to do something people need to enrich their lives, like perfectly steaming rice, growing extra tasty tomatoes, or expert wine making.

Learn how to dance without inhibition.

Learn techniques to fulfill your lover’s desires and needs.

Learn how to share and enjoy sharing.

Learn to see abundance in the face of scarcity.

Learn how to grow things that don’t normally grow where you live.

Use efficient ways of moving things and people around, like railroads, boats, bicycles, and animals.

Speaking of animals, learn how to raise healthy ones, animals to eat and animals of burden and, of course, lots of therapeutic pets.

Learn how to draw things that are pretty, practical or both.

Learn to expect God’s grace to manifest in everyone, just in different ways.

Learn how to live off the land, by yourself, for a week or more, without leaving any sign you had ever been there.

Learn to give more than you take.

Learn how to both tell and listen to a good story.

Laugh often and at anything you think is funny.

Learn how to express LOVE in everything you do.

Learn how to forgive and mean it.

Learn both how to care for a child and let a child care for you.

Learn to be humble enough to exalt in how wonderful you really are.

Learn everything you can about baseball.

Accept the discipline of a martial art.

Learn to recognize herbs, flowers, insects and birds in the wild.

Learn to give away the gifts God has given you, understanding that you have more than enough and will never run out.

Learn how to walk tall and always make your friends and family look good.

Learn how to take direction when you need to and give direction when you have to.

Every day, wake up proud and go to sleep thankful.

Be generous with your praise and stingy with your criticism.

Remember that the most important word in any language is LOVE.

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