Good to Be Here

After my heart attack I simply stayed away from any sort of entry into my blog, save the last. I’m not sure why I shied away. Maybe it was a feeling that my words weren’t being heard. Maybe it was a feeling my words weren’t worth being heard. I don’t really know.

In the last month I have tried to access the site that has hosted this blog for the last 4 years but I could not enter new posts. Therefore I have moved the blog to this site. Perhaps a change of scenery will inspire me to write more and more often. I still feel I have something worthwhile to say. In the face of constant bleating from the right over this, that and everything maybe it is more important than ever that progressive voices speak up and and try to be heard. To that end I will do a bit of promotion for the blog and see if I can attract a few more readers. It is, I think, appropriate, seeing that the blog has moved, to let people know about the move. Lots of folks don’t even know it exists. So there is an “If a tree falls in the forest” thing going on that for the sake of progressive dialog should be overcome, if possible.

I have archived all the posts from the other blog site. They appear under posts from August 20, 2010 if you care to access them. I surprise myself sometimes when I go back and read them again. How did I come up with that stuff? I am thankful for the gifts I have been given and I feel I must continue to work to share them with those who could use them.

Enjoy !!!

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